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    Based in Taiwan and also China with over 20 years experience of the recycling industry, Skygood Ecotech Co Ltd T/A Envoland are able to offer its customers the latest and best in waste recycling plants.

    Our patented recycling plants brings new technology to an old problem of how to turn waste into money. With most of our plants the pay back period is only from 1~3 years and the cost of plant being substantially lower than incinerators (without all the secondary problems) it makes economic and climatic sense to install our new and proved plants.

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We offer the highest quality and service at competitive prices direct from Taiwan and China

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    envoland-recycle-logo-bulleQuality products to ISO / CE Standards if required

    envoland-recycle-logo-bulleOEM/ODM services

    envoland-recycle-logo-bulleExcellent installation and back up service.

    envoland-recycle-logo-bullePatented systems

    envoland-recycle-logo-bulleCompetitively priced plants

    envoland-recycle-logo-bulleMulti-lingual staff who negotiate in English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin or Japanese

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