Envoland waste recycling plants


Landfill Waste Sorting System

Envoland waste sorting systems converts waste from landfills by excavation and separation to obtain waste plastic such as waste plastic bags and plastic products.

This waste plastic can also be fed into our Pyrolysis fuel system to obtain fuel, diesel and gasoline as renewable energy.


“Landfill recovery not only reduces the pollution to the surrounding environment, it can also achieve land regeneration.”

Landfill Waste and Sorting Plant

MSW and Landfill Sorting Plant pdf

Envoland Landfill-waste-sorting-syst


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Envoland’s landfill waste sorting system recovers complex and dirty compounds such as:

    sand, earth, stones, grease, wooden chopsticks, twigs, glass, ceramics, clothing, rags, shoes, slippers, artificial leather, Styrofoam, foam PU, rubber, paper, iron, wire, aluminum cans, electronic components ... etc.

A diverse range of plastics are also recoverable and this plastic material is the only high value material inside the landfill, such as:

    PE, PP, PC, PS, PA, PVC, PET, PCA, PAC, PCM, ABS, CA, CN, NF, VF, UP ... and so on.

Landfill development advantage:

With cities extending into surrounding areas, suburban land prices are rising rapidly. There are many old landfill sites located in the urban area but due to landfill pollution this land is still cheap. Envoland’s landfill waste sorting system in situ ecological restoration can not only enhance the region overall prosperity but also can significantly enhance the land premium.

Landfill Revovery Advantages:

Restores the land (for example the Beijing Ziyushanzhuang , the restoration profit is more than ten billion dollars):

  • Original value of the land greatly improved.
  • Nearby the land value-added is greatly improved.
  • Increases the land utilization value.
  • Effectively increases useable land; greatly enhances the whole region value.

Enhances the attraction value:

  • Urban renewal.
  • Promote the local economy.
  • Government increase the land tax.
  • To increase employment opportunities.

Environmental reduction in pollution

  • Significantly reduce near perimeter the odor generation.
  • Significantly reduce nearby land pollution.
  • Significantly reduce nearby river pollution.

Landfill recovery offers:

  • No new land acquisition, conservation of land resource and saves land acquisition cost.
  • Saving the landfill one-time capital investment, to avoid new construction and expansion cost.
  • Substantially alleviate the waste disposal set up and processing investment.
  • Increasing the landfill capacity and avoid landfill closure management and monitoring cost.
  • Recycling the waste of useful materials, recycling, and sell the recyclable material to obtain profit.
  • Reducing the responsibility of the repairing on the surrounding environment, which will help the environment sustainable economic development.

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