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Waste Tire Pre-Processing SystemEnvoland waste car tires processing system

Before waste tires enter the pyrolysis system they require treatment. Envoland has developed a waste tire recycling pre-processing system.

Envoland provides the complete plant machinery for the whole process of waste tyre processing; from drawing out the steel wires, tyre breaking, 40 mm rubber chips and reuse. The system is highly efficient and has excellent performance.


“Processing truck tyres directly without having to cut them in half. It can deal with truck and car tyres simultaneously. ”

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Waste Tire Pre-Processing Procedure:

Envoland waste-tyre-grinding-process

Envoland Tyre-Breaking-Processing(2)


1.) Pull out Steel Wire Tire Lip
Pull out wire coil inside tyre lip of steel wire type (truck tyre) so as to reduce abrasion of fragment on cutter.

Envoland 2--Steel-wire-pull-out-from

2.) Biaxial Breaker
Fragments tyre into 100 x 100 (mm) parts so as to speed up later fragmentation time.

Envoland 4-using-hydraulic-system-to

3.) Tire Block Breaking Wire Glue Spearating
It is mainly used to separate type glue and thick steel wire inside a tyre. The interior screening net can process tyre glue to the block size required.

Envoland 5-tire-break-via-hydraulic-

4.) Tire Block Breaking Wire Glue Separating
After sieved by magnetic separator, still some fine rubber block and steel wire have not separated, so, must process them further so that they reach the recycle standard of steel wire as required.

Envoland 8-finish-product(1)


  • All processing is at room temperature. There is no secondary pollution to the environment. No additives are added.
  • Low operation and maintenance cost; highly efficient system to reduce the prime cost.
  • Each machine has wear-resistant steel pads at the major wearing points to protect the machines
  • The cutter tools in the machines are four sided cubes, they can use 6~8 sides of the cubes before changing the new cutter to reduce prime cost.
  • Biaxial breaker uses a hydraulic system to drive the cutters.
  • The hydraulic system has a pressure-sensing device. If they have problem while breaking the tire, the cutters will automatically reverse for few seconds so as to remove the tire from the cutters. Then the cutters will resume working automatically. This protects the cutters and transmission system from damage.
    • Processing truck tyres directly without having to cut them in half.
    • It can deal with truck and car tyres simultaneously.
  • After Waste Tire Pre-Processing Treatment the finish product are steel wire and rubber chips. The steel wire can be recycled and sold directly.
  • The Rubber chips can be utilzed as follows:
        • Feed into the Envoland pyrolysis system to obtain fuel oil
        • Make Active Carbon

Active Carbon Process and Analysis

Envoland Active-carbon-process(2)1


Envoland Active carbon analysis data

“High Capacity and Efficiency”

Envoland Tires-to-Fertilizer
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